M.A.D Elephant Necklace
M.A.D Elephant Necklace
M.A.D Elephant Necklace - M.A.D

M.A.D Elephant Necklace

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The elephant was chosen for our core collection mainly because of the pure beauty and awe they possess when seen face to face. They were also chosen to raise awareness of the devastation happening to the African elephant. 100 of these majestic animals die every day due to poaching which we find extremely sad and meaningless. To add to the devastation happening in Africa elephants around the world in places such as Thailand are also being exploited for selfish human entertainment and being abused daily to make them 'stay inline'.
The M.A.D token representing our key value of Making A Difference, you can wear this piece knowing your part of a culture of people who care.
15% Of All Revenue Is Donated To Our Official Partners, The Endangered Wildlife Trust.

  • 18 inch Chain
  • Stainless Steel 
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